You must wear a helmet that has a Snell approved safety rating

You must never cross the center line, if you do you will be disqualified and asked to leave the course

You must stay to the right-hand side of the lane at all times unless passing

You must have a device to carry water with you while riding

To be eligible for competition, and to receive your time splits, you must enter and exit timed sections during the posted times. All timed sections are open for specific durations; you must enter and exit each timed section during the specified scheduled time each section is open.  This is figured on an average progression speed between 22 mph and 10 mph (note: this is not average ride speed, this is average progression speed and includes all stopped time, i.e total time)

Riders may use any standard bicycle that has two wheels no motor and is not considered a recumbent.  Standard road bikes, TT bikes, and mountain bikes are allowed.

No recumbent bicycles allowed; this is a competitive event, and like all sports, restrictions must be made to provide a level and fair competition.

All bicycles must have working brakes

Best combined time from all series events will be crowned the winners


Apply 100% of your AGFS entry fee toward a Gran Fondo Series entry fee

Traffic control

T-Shirt included for registrations received more than 10 day’s in advance of event date

Fully stocked aid stations with energy product and food

Four timed sections (requires over $100,000 in timing equipment)

Post-race food, beverage, and entertainment

Goody-bag with various schwag items

Finisher medal for all Gran Route Finishers

Awards for age-group placement

Chance to win prizes for placement

Chance to win raffle prizes

Mechanical support

The enjoyment of ride one of the finest cycling route you’ve ever ridden